CyberPower Standby CP550SLG 550 VA Desktop UPS


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Standby UPS

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Standby CP550SLG 550 VA Desktop UPS

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CyberPower Standby CP550SLG 550 VA Desktop UPS

Compact – 8 Hour Recharge – 2 Minute Stand-by – 120 V AC Input – 120 V AC Output – USB – 8 x NEMA 5-15R – 4 x Battery/Surge Outlet

A compact UPS with standby topology, the CyberPower Standby CP550SLG provides battery backup (using simulated sine wave output) and surge protection for desktop computers, workstations, networking devices, and home entertainment systems. During power interruptions, the CP550SLG offers reliable power protection and battery backup. The CP550SLG comes with a three-year warranty and a $100,000 Connected Equipment Guarantee.

Battery Backup
Supplies power long enough for equipment to properly shut down when utility power fails. Helps prevent loss of data and minimizes the component stress caused by a hard shutdown.

Surge Protection
Diverts excess voltage away from sensitive electronic equipment during an AC power surge or power spike to prevent damage.

Standby Topology
Ensures that when incoming power drops below or surges above safe voltage levels, the UPS switches to DC battery power and then inverts to AC power to run connected equipment.

Simulated Sine Wave Output
Uses pulse wave modulation to generate a stepped, approximated sine wave to supply cost-effective battery backup power for equipment that does not require sine wave output.

GreenPower UPS™ High-Efficiency Design
Reduces power consumption by utilizing a compact charger and power inverter to create an ultra-efficient backup power system for home and office use.

Ultra Quiet Design
Minimizes noise during operation for a quieter work environment.

Transformer-Spaced Outlets
Accommodate large transformer-based plugs without compromising the access of other outlets.

PowerPanel® Personal Software
Provides a user-friendly dashboard interface for controlling and monitoring the UPS. Free software download available here.

Three-Year Warranty
CyberPower will repair or replace a defective UPS system (including batteries) within three years of the purchase date. See warranty for details.

Connected Equipment Guarantee
CyberPower will repair or replace properly connected equipment if it is damaged by a power surge.

What’s In The Box

UPS System, User Manual, USB A+B Type Cable, Warranty Registration Card.

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Package Contents:
  • Standby CP550SLG 550 VA Desktop UPS
  • User Manual
  • USB A+B Type Cable
  • Warranty Registration Card