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Malwarebytes has put itself on the radar by releasing an extremely effective malware scanner for free. However, their products don’t stop at detecting viruses and potentially unwanted programs. Take a look at the ability of Malwarebytes Premium.

·         With features not available in the free version, Malwarebytes Premium rises to the top as one of the most reliable antivirus and security products. The real-time protection keeps you secure against a wide variety of threats, including known and emerging viruses, worms, rootkits, and more.

·         The new detection engine – nicknamed Katana – allows you to lean back and browse with confidence knowing you’re well secured. It’s able to detect and eliminate threats faster than ever, with less impact on your hardware.

·         Make smarter security decisions using the identification features of the new engine in Malwarebytes Premium. By providing more information on each threat, you can easily filter out false positives and quickly get rid of serious malware infections.

·         Malwarebytes Premium pays extra attention to ransomware. It’s able to provide advanced tools against this type of infection, protecting your data from unwanted encryption and money-demanding attackers.

·         The included web protection aims to keep you away from the reach of online scammers and malicious websites. This includes compromised pages, infected download links, and phishing scams. You’ll never find yourself on a fake or dangerous website again.

·         While keeping you and your device secure, Malwarebytes Premium also allows you to enjoy your device without any slowdowns or interruptions.

·         System scans use significantly less CPU power than before, while the added Play Mode allows you to temporarily halt all pop-ups and notifications when gaming or running an application in full-screen mode.

·         The user-friendly interface allows even new customers to quickly get a hang of how to operate Malwarebytes Premium. Customize your protection to suit your own needs within minutes of first launching the software.