Poseidon Elite 360 ARGB – Liquid Cooling

CPU Socket Type
Intel LGA1851;LGA1700;LGA1200;LGA115X;LGA1366;AM5;AM4;AM3;AM2;FM2;FM1


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The Poseidon Elite ARGB AIO liquid cooler provides superior cooling performance. Featuring innovative 90-degree UTTERIGHT fins, efficient fans, and captivating ARGB lighting in an infinity mirror design, it ensures optimal performance and a stunning visual appeal for your system.
“UTTERIGHT” Fins Design: The heat transfer surface is equipped with UTTERIGHT fins arranged at right angles. This configuration optimizes the heat transfer area and enhances efficiency compared to conventional fins.
Dazzling ARGB Lighting with Infinity Mirror Design: The infinity mirror design of the ARGB lighting on the pump head enhances the visual appeal of your PC.
Rotatable Pump Head For Logo Orientation: The rotatable pump head allows for easy logo re-orientation. Adjust it effortlessly during your PC assembly to ensure a perfect setup.
High-Efficiency Fan for Radiator: The Poseidon Elite ARGB features high-powered ventilation ARGB fans that work seamlessly with the radiator. It delivers impressive performance, ensuring stable and durable cooling for your CPU.
Control Fans & Lighting with Motherboard Sync Software: The Poseidon Elite ARGB offers motherboard software compatibility for seamless ARGB lighting control.
Freedom of Choice: The Poseidon Elite ARGB cooler includes all the necessary mounting hardware for modern systems, compatible with the latest AMD and Intel CPU sockets. You can have it installed in just a matter of minutes.
Multiple RGB Modes: Elevate your gaming space with the E-DEMIUS 120 gaming desk’s stunning RGB lighting. With dual-sided RGB lighting featuring a range of color schemes and modes, it enhances your gaming experience for a more immersive feel.